8 Big Mistakes you’re making with Your Air Conditioner

8 Big Mistakes you’re making with Your Air Conditioner

All-time summer heat records continue buckling under the heaviness of rising worldwide temps—a trend that hits home, truly and figuratively, when you get your monthly air conditioning bill. Shockingly, mistakes you’re making with your home AC might undermine its productivity, effectiveness, and security, experts state.

Here are eight of the most widely common mistakes people make with regards to home AC, and some easy changes that can spare your lungs and wallet.

1. You Aren’t Changing or Cleaning Your AC Filters

At least, you ought to change the filter on your central AC unit once like in a quarter—and as regularly as once per month if your system is running constantly.
Neglect this chore, and a dirty filter can prompt poor air flow or solidifying up of your unit’s evaporator coil.
On the off chance that you have ductless “split” AC units, there should be a removable panel on your unit that will enable you to wipe off the filter with a cloth—no substitution essential.

2. You’re Not Having Your System Serviced Annually

You could look into online video tutorials about cleaning your AC unit’s coils and fins —essential maintenance activities that keep your system up and running proficiently. You could likewise bring in a pro to service your system once per year.

3. You Don’t Have a Programmable Thermostat

Possibly you’re one of those super humans who consistently make sure to adjust the thermostat before going out. In any case, in case you’re like to the remainder of us, a programmable thermostat can save you hundreds on your yearly AC bill via naturally raising the temp at those seasons of day when you’re grinding away or away from home.

4. You’re Setting Your Thermostat Too Low

Research demonstrates the human body is fit for adapting to hot or cool temperatures pretty quickly—like inside up to 14 days. When you consider you’ll slice up to 3% off your AC bill for each degree you raise the temperature—also the potential environmental advantages of bringing down your AC use—it merits perspiring through that modification period and setting your thermostat some place in the high 70s (or higher on the off chance that you can deal with it).

5. You’re Not Taking Full Advantage of Fans

Any sort of fan, however particularly ceiling fans, can help keep cool air coursing all through your home. That expels a portion of the burden from your AC system. Simply make certain your roof fans are turning counterclockwise throughout the late spring, which advances more prominent air flow.

6. Your Thermostat and/ or Vents Are Poorly Positioned

On the off chance that the sun or a close-by lamp blasts your thermostat for huge chunks of the day, that could lose its readings and cause it to crank your AC despite the fact that your place is charmingly cool.
Blocking AC vents with furniture or curtains can likewise confine air flow. Except if you invest a great deal of time huddled under your couch, you’ll need to make certain your AC vents are unhindered.

7. You’re Cooling Empty Rooms

On the off chance that AC vents are open in each room of your home, you’re cooling a great deal of land that may not be being used on an everyday premise. Walk around and close those AC vents that open onto vacant rooms. Likewise, shutting closet doors guarantees those spaces aren’t gulping your cold air.

8. You Don’t Have Blinds or Curtains

Bright sunlight is your AC framework’s nemesis. By shutting blinds and sliding curtains to hinder the sun’s beams, you’ll likewise shield your space from the sun’s heat, specialists state.

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